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Unfolding events and habitats for accelerating tribes is what I do best and enjoy the most – it is essentially who I am. Read further to learn more about what this means to me.

The Modeler @ talKIT -- The Tech Forum


Knowing this clearly who I am and whom I would like to dedicate my resourcefulness to is empowering for me. It is the result of a semi-structured transformational process that I retrospectively termed personal omni-comprehensive modelling (pocm). To learn more about me and my personal constructs, please have a look at my pocm.

tribe model

This process has lead me to see myself at the core as a kind of Modeler, Constructor, Magician. I have spent years figuring this out, the result of which being the Tribe Model.

Going further, I realised that pocm and Tribe Model are inherently interrelated, interfacing by events and formats as well as habitats and tools. And it is these interfaces which I have been preoccupied with for the majority of epochs in my life. Be it blissfully attending countless events like family vacations, group excursions, summer camps, youth exchanges, conferences, fairs, performances, and festivals where I took an increasingly active role in constructing these experiences in ways I saw fit. The same holds true for an increasing insight into the tools that can be leveraged to create more immersive and enthusing experiences.


So far, the culmination of all this has been a leading role in constructing the best student conference about technological developments, talKIT. I shared this leading role with an amazing Modeler, a mindmate. The picture of me you saw earlier reflects that. I haven’t stopped there: I started constructing a yearly gathering of the leaders of Europe’s most interesting events for students, most of which I have gladly attended.


Around that time, I started to connect on a deeper level with an Arranger friend of mine, also Constructor and Magician. Together we started building a personal development accelerator that we like to call JET. With the abstract pillars of incrementality, fuel and harmony we started growth oriented meetings, calls, even testing this in event formats. We still do this today and I am looking forward to unfolding this into a botique pocm accelerator and singularity aligned tribe.

more fuel

draft testament

For symbolic purposes, I drafted a testament to better visualise my life’s contributions. Testament >

event recommendations

Included are events that I have either attended or wanted to join at some point in my life.


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